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Pro Tools Recording Studio LeedsPro Tools Recording Studio Leeds



Welcome to Beat Street Studio Pro Tools recording studio Leeds, we are a professional residential recording studio in Leeds run by professionals FOR professionals and the professionally minded recording artiste.

We understand your strive for perfection and as such we have well and truly pushed the boat out in bringing to you the ONLY Neve studio in Leeds and throughout the whole of Yorkshire. In fact as far as we know the nearest residential Neve recording studio to us is in Manchester.

Our Pro Tools recording studio Leeds is an inspiring, relaxed and friendly environment with awesome local facilities and a professionally equipped rehearsal room, thus giving you the facility to spend some quality time on pre production before your tracking sessions commence.

Our acoustically designed and air conditioned control room sounds truly fantastic and mixes created in here translate wonderfully in other ‘out of studio’ listening environments.

In this Pro Tools recording studio Leeds, tucked away in the heart of Meanwood, we have installed a beautiful 36 channel 72 input Neve V3 console and a fine array of vintage high end outboard processing equipment i.e. AMS, Neve, AMEK, SSL, Summit Audio, Lexicon, Manley, Crane Song, Bel, MXR & Drawmer to name but a few.

We use recording mics from Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Coles, Electrovoice, SE, Shure and Audio Technica.

We have studio monitoring by Genelec, Dynaudio and Yamaha with amplification from Crown and Quad.

Choose from any one of our 5 rooms for tracking, we have a nice sized live room, a totally dead vocal booth, a nice lively brick room area in the studio entrance and a very transparent room in our office area. All rooms are tied to the Neve console patch bay.
When recording in this Leeds recording studio you’ll love our in house Mesa Boogie and Ampeg bass systems plus Fender and Marshall guitar amps, both valve and solid state.

We have a great in house Jalepeno and Yamaha studio drum kit that gives quality recording results in our great sounding live room.

All in all if you are looking to make a great record in a residential recording studio in Leeds, you’ll get all the help you need to do just that at Beat Street Studio.

Just for the record we record records in Leeds!!


Pro Tools Recording Studio Leeds