Who Do We Record?

Our Clients include:

  • The Pigeon Detectives
  • Glass Caves
  • Vitamin
  • Lucy Spraggan
  • Sony Records
  • The Velveteens
  • Hell Fire Jack
  • Chris Gray
  • Joey Wylde
  • Diego Snail
  • Let’s Away
  • Jacks Attic
  • Babies
  • The Hashtag Revolution
  • Allison Mareek
  • Colin Hinds
  • Everybody Dance – Chic Tribute Show

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Yorkshire’s only Neve Recording Studio Leeds

At Beat Street Recording Studio Leeds, We’re as serious about YOUR music as YOU are. That is why we have spared no expense in building this recording studio Leeds bands can be proud of, equipped with such a high standard of equipment. If achieving the very best sound on your record is paramount to you, then the simple answer is to make your record on a Neve console. Recording music doesn’t get any better than this. Believe in NEVE the console of choice for so many world class artistes. Check out the documentary ‘Sound City’ featuring Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and you’ll see just what we mean.

WE OFFER THE BEST UK RATES FOR NEVE RECORDING STUDIOS GUARANTEED! Don’t believe us? Call other Neve Rooms for a quote first and we’ll be waiting right here for you!

Prestigious Rehearsal Studio Facility
Whilst we don’t ‘price match’ with other recording studios in Leeds, what we do offer is the very best rehearsal and recording facility in the city bar none at an extremely good rate bang for buck. Equipped with the very best equipment available, we cater for the most discerning musicians and artistes who aim to put quality ahead of cost. If it’s cheap and cheerful you are looking for, we may not be your ideal rehearsal or recording studio in Leeds, however if outstanding, polished results are high up on your agenda, then we’ll work very well for you indeed. PLEASE NOTE Rehearsal space is only available outside of recording session bookings.


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